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A festive event dedicated to labor veterans - mothers, mothers of low-income families and mothers of many children

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Today, March 8, Nauryz celebrated the International Women's Day, a festive concert dedicated to the labor mothers of migrants, mothers of low-income families and mothers of large families, a festive concert held on the eve of International Women's Day. “Beautiful songs sounded, flowers were worn and enjoyed special respect.In the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 5, 2014, the year 2019 is declared the Year of Youth, while taking care of the present and future of youth is the main subject of their policy. To this end, the event made the event
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March 1 was Thanksgiving Day.

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March 1. In our school, on the occasion of Thanksgiving, various events were organized. The lessons of cadets and flash mobs, organized by young people from the organization “Self-Government”, were exceptional. According to the plan, the exam was conducted with hours of classes. During the event, our students realized that they must respect the elderly, show kindness to the young, enjoy everything and thank them.
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Our students won the tournament "Young chess players"

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    At the tournament "Young chess players", held in the club "Chess", our students received prizes. Esengazy Alua 8th "G"grade, 4th “I”grade student Adilbay Aruzhan took 1st place, 3 rd place 3rd "Z" class Esengazy Malik finished 3rd. Congratulations to the head of the club Zyliev Nurzhan Seythanovich with high performance! Congratulations on the awards!
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